Welcome to Bartari!

Your hot spot for new & retro gaming, tasty food and adult beverages in Riversdale Saskatoon!


  • Bartari is truly unique in Saskatoon and beyond fun. With decor celebrating the depth and breadth of geekdom, great food and drinks, and some of amazing time machines that transported my friends and I back to a time of 8-bit graphics and, “but I pressed A!” I will be back again. And again, and again, and…

    Daniel M-Sea

  • Ganbatte just had a apocalypse themed steak night and rented out the VIP section for the adults to have a celebratory get together after wards. It was awesome! More people showed up than planned and the staff stepped up to make sure everyone was served immediately.

    Annie S.

  • This place is amazing! Delicious food, nice selection of drinks, and all the games you could ever need for a great night. Me and best friend played that old NES Micro Machines game until midnight. It was the most fun I’ve had in ages.

    Nicholas Friesen